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Webinar med Neil Short - The power of failure!


Neil Short is internationally known and highly respected for his positive approach to dog training all over the world. His more than 30 years of experience gives him a backgrunn and knowledge few others know. 

He is eminent at reading the dog's feelings and finding the right tools to solve any challenge. He has a big heart for dogs and dogtraining, something that shows in his teaching.
Everything about the teaching is positive, even when the dog fails, he manages to use it for a greater understanding of the dog in a fantastic way.

Neil wants to talk about the strength of having a dog that dares to make mistakes! It's not about the dog making mistakes, but how we as handlers handle them!

The webinar is in English. 

 Date:  28.06.23

Time.: 20:00 Norwegian time

Place: Online (Teams)

Price:  299,00