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Webinar with Emmanuel Hetych - systematic training towards the worlds elite!


Emmanuel, also known as Emi, is one of the top dog trainers in the world! With his border collies, he has successfully participated in many championships in obedience, with a 12th place in the World Championship as his best result.

Emi is genuinely interested in how dogs learn, what makes them change their behaviour, and what underlying mechanisms are at play during the process of learning. Emi constantly wonders of how we can use learning theory to plan our dog training to make it as efficient as possible. At the same time, Emi wants to make sure that the training methods in use, are based on positive reinforcement, force free and without fear.

In this webinar he will talk about how he plans and conducts his dog training. What is essential when planning, and how do you make sure you do as planned? He will share his thoughts about systematic, methodological and ethical dog training with us.

 The webinar is in English. 


24.05.23 at 20:00 Norwegian time


At Microsoft Teams



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